Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Shalom all,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and Yes, establish the work of our hands - Psalm 90 verse 17.

I would like to thank all for your contribution and prayer support, as we continue to serve the Lord with great passion and love. 

This is the 10th Year of our Mission Field work.

We have gone through many challenges and obstacles. But our Lord is faithful. He strengthens and guards us all the time. We have travelled far and wide seeking to serve Him in different places in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Macau, China, Turkey and England to share the Good News, with people who need to receive Him. The task is daunting, but we persevere, because we believe in Him and will continue to serve Him faithfully.

For some time now, I have not updated my mission report on the Vietnamese Christian Refugees we tried to reach out in 2015, due to safety and security reasons. Thank God that some of them have by now received the necessary "Refugee Status” and are waiting for a third country government to accept them. Two families have already left for the US and New Zealand for the resettlement programme under UNHCR.

I am also thankful and appreciative of your prayer support for my wife, Jenny Ruth Kok. She has just completed her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) at the Ramkhamhaeng University in March 2017, with a 3.59 GPA (highest score in the Early Childhood Department, and equivalent to First Class Honours). 

In June 2017, the oncologist informed my wife she is free from cancer after her 4 years follow-up medical treatment. It has not been easy for her undergoing so many stresses these past years serving the Lord, doing her degree program and receiving  medical treatment  at the same time, but at last, she managed through it all. Thank God for giving her strength and pulling her through!

She has the intention to further her studies to the next higher level, Master of Early Childhood Education.

We are seeking friends and family to support her education. With her Master’s degree, she can become an university lecturer and train local Church leaders in their children's ministry.

Early this year, we have started a ministry in the Condo Lumpini Township, Pathum Thani, Thailand.

I am teaching English in the community centre and have also tarted a Life Christian Group there .

The beginning effort is not always easy, but we continue to press on till we make a break through.

I will also be conducting English classes for nearby local Churches as part of our extension work. We want to see more souls saved.

Here the ground is hard but we are praying that the ground will soften, with merciful rain from the Lord, so that the harvests in this land of the free will be plentiful. 

Our funding is limited and very low, we will  update our financial report shortly. Based on the current balance, it is about THB 40,000 (RM 5,100/USD 1,203).

In obedience to the GREAT COMMISSION, we would like to update you with our renewed outreach ministry-mission-church planting, which we will feature in our new setup page "http://www.facebook.com/seedlingsministries", where we will also brief you with our mission report.

This is our effort to revamp and to re-energise our old ministry, known as Faith-With-You Christian Ministries, which has been passive for a few years. 

But we will boldly and steadfastly continue to press on to fulfil the Great Commission.

Please keep us in your prayer.

Seedlings Ministries

Mission Contribution
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